What we wear comes from our way of life.

A style with purpose and evidence.
It's fine as long as you have your own reasons for liking it, even if those around you may not understand them.

Follow the path you choose based on what you love.

Fire up the spirit from your feet up.

Let's walk, be our coolest selves.

Now, from here

Stick to what you love.

Wear style.


Product list

All of the Tabi-ya Toriko socks are one-of-a-kind. They are made to order. Feel the exhilaration of wearing the original, carefully crafted spirit on your feet.


Brand Story

Wear what you love and no one can take that heart away.
Even though I am like this, I thought maybe I could look a little more fashionable.
I felt confident in my choice.
The moment I fell in love with myself.

You don't have the courage to wear outstanding fashion, but you want to be "a little bit" different... You want to have your own style. Capricorn Jikatabi socks can make such selfish desires come true.

Nice to meet you, I'm Miu, a designer at Tabi-ya Toriko. This is a bit of a personal story, but I've always had no confidence in my appearance, and because of that, I've also had no confidence in myself, so I've always lived my life worrying about what others think of me.
I also hid the fact that I like fashion that is different from other people, because I thought that if I showed that side of myself, people would definitely dislike me.
So for me, "dressing up" took a lot of courage. That's when I discovered tabi socks. You can wear them like shoes, but they're not really shoes! When I discovered something that was "somehow different from other people's style," I thought, "This is it!!!"

Surely, just like me back then, For those who say, "I want to be a little brave and challenge myself to become the person I want to be."
And if you, like me, want to add a little more individuality to trendy and ready-made fashion items, I hope you will pick up this book.

"This pattern is nice, but I wish it was a different color." "I wish it was a little more..." I've started hearing such comments.
At Jika-tabi-ya Toriko, we make all our items customizable, so that you can add that extra bit of individuality to your outfit and say, "I wish this part was just a little bit more like this."

The time when I first encountered tabi socks.
I want you to experience the same excitement and elation I felt. Wear your favorite shoes and
Walk with confidence in your style.



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