Brand Story

- Greeting -

Nice to meet you. My name is Torico.

Toriko Let us help you create your unique style that will captivate the world. Your preferences are the coolest in the world! Put on a pair of tabi socks that embody that spirit and set off on a stylish journey.

- Iki -

torico and iki

Surely, the right to be fashionable is something that is taken for granted for everyone. It's okay to think that a style that's different from others is cool and to stick to it. This is my style This way of life is what fashion is all about. That is what we call "iki" This is a fashion belief that captives believe in.


Torico and I

When I was a kid, I thought I was ugly and fat so I should never be fashionable.
I thought of myself as a different breed from the cute girls who stood out in class.

Of course, my heart fluttered when I saw cute clothes and stylish things, and my heart especially danced when I saw vivid color combinations and exciting patterns.
But I thought that it wasn't for me, but for a different kind of people, so I thought it would be sinful for me to desire it, and if I even had the slightest thought of wanting to be cute... no, if the people around me even knew that I had such thoughts, I would be so ashamed that I wouldn't be able to live.

I've had poor eyesight since I was a child, and have had to wear very thick glasses since I was about three years old. Plus, I was a bit chubby around age 10.
The so-called "cute" girls we see on TV and in magazines are slender, with a good figure and long legs, no glasses, big eyes and long eyelashes.
I thought of myself as a failure compared to the examples that society considers to be "good." I wish I had been born like that. I wonder how many times I've thought that.

As I grew older, I stopped wearing glasses. I was thinner since then, but I still had absolutely no confidence in my appearance. Even if your parents or people around you praise you for being cute,
You don't even think about it anyway.
I've lived my life thinking that all the compliments I've received are lies.

There was a time when I thought I would try to dress up. However, the most I could do was to try on trendy clothes or things that everyone thought were cute, even though I didn't really think they looked cute.

Even if I fell in love, I thought that there was no way that a man would like me back. No, no, maybe I should have hope and try my best? "I'm not cute anyway, so I'm bound to get rejected." It'll only hurt, I told myself, and made myself give up.

Even though I was like that, I still managed to get married, but it didn't work out because I always lacked confidence in myself when communicating. In the end, they ended up divorced until now.

A few years later, as I worked hard and raised my children, I had a lot of time to reflect on myself and finally, little by little, I began to feel more confident in myself.

If you listen carefully to your inner voice, The real me has come out.

Actually, I wanted to try my hand at beauty and fashion.

I didn't like clothes that were trendy or in colors that everyone else was wearing; ordinary clothes just didn't satisfy me. I liked things that were different from other people's.

Realizing this, I decided to I tried wearing my favorite clothes. But, to my surprise, no one said anything. "That's just like you!" I was praised.

Really. It's okay to be different.
It's different and cool.

I like what I like Wear it on your body,
The style It's okay to think it's cool or cute!

When I truly felt that way, The "art that is me" that lives inside me suddenly exploded.

What I was lacking was With confidence in yourself, Be bold and say you like things that are different from others Stick to your own style...
That is what I found. It was the definition of fashionable.


Torico and Tabi

There are already many tabi brands in the world, but Toriko offers more than just tabi. Something that adheres to "iki". It's something that will add spice to your fashion.

Tabi socks are associated with traditional Japanese patterns and concepts, and have long been used by craftsmen as work shoes and festival footwear. In recent years, overseas production has become mainstream, and cheaper socks are increasingly appearing, and the traditional color of domestic production is disappearing. Cheap foreign-made socks are now mainstream for the purposes that have traditionally been used (for festivals, construction work, etc.).

Now, we are trying to create new footwear as "fashion" without being bound by conventional wisdom. In contrast to mass-produced products, we would like to spread traditional techniques and the Japanese spirit of manufacturing to the world by spreading high-quality tabi socks made by craftsmen in domestic factories in Japan and disseminating high-value fashion items.

- Made in Japan -

All made by craftsmen in domestic factories

Jikatabi is a Japanese tradition that has been around for over 100 years.
Every step in the making of our brand's jika-tabi socks is done by hand by skilled craftsmen.
We would also like to convey the thoughts of the craftsmen who carefully work on each and every pair of tabi.

Of course, high quality is a given. On top of that, I hope that the items in the tabi brand that I work on will be a small accent that will mark the first step in making a change in yourself for those who pick them up. That's what I hope.

There are already many tabi and tabi brands in the world, but Toriko offers more than just tabi socks. Something that adheres to "iki". Something that will add spice to your fashion. When we think of tabi, we think of traditional Japanese patterns and concepts. Based on that, I want to create a fashion item with new color combinations that have never been seen before and that suits the modern era.