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烏羽紫 Karasuba-murasaki

烏羽紫 Karasuba-murasaki

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The color of a crow's feathers. It means a shiny black color with a bluish tint. It can also refer to the lustrous black hair of Japanese women. In the West, "black" is used as the opposite of "white" and can have a negative meaning, but in Japan it has been used as a tattoo color to ward off evil since ancient times, and in the Edo period, women wore black to adorn themselves, such as "eyebrow ink" and "black teeth."

The tabi socks are designed with purple floral patterns that complement the black attractively, with silver accents, and the lining is a vivid combination of green and purple.

▶️You can choose the lining color

▶️You can choose the shape of the tabi socks (rounded or split toe)

In the case of round toes, the fabric used for the toes will be plain.

About the product

*The pattern may not appear exactly the same depending on where the fabric is used.

*All products are made in Japan.

*Three-hook type/You can remove the small hooks and fold it back to show the lining.

*Delivery will take 3-6 weeks.

Outer fabric: cotton

Lining: Cotton

Sole: Rubber

Manufacturing: Made in Japan

Size: Japanese size

22.0 to 29.0

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How to care for Toriko's Jikatabi socks

<Storage precautions>

Store in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and humidity. Tabi will naturally deteriorate even during storage. Deterioration will be accelerated in places with high temperature and humidity.

Please do not store the product inside a car during the summer, in direct sunlight, or in any other location that may become hot. This may cause deformation or deterioration.

If you plan to store the item for a long period of time, remove any dirt or moisture before storing it. If it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, the color of the outer fabric may change.

Due to the nature of synthetic rubber, white powder may appear on the surface of the sole of the tabi socks due to chemical reactions. Also, if the sole is left in direct sunlight for a long time or used for many years, the rubber may crack due to "ozone deterioration" (due to heat, humidity, mold, etc.) .

<Regular care>
Wipe off any dirt with a shoe brush or cloth before storing.
If the item is badly stained, hand wash it using a neutral or weak alkaline detergent (excluding those containing bleach) at the concentration indicated on the detergent label. Using bleach may cause discoloration or fading.
Rinse the detergent thoroughly, drain and wipe off excess water, reshape the shoes and dry them in a well-ventilated place in the shade. We recommend removing the insoles from the tabi and soaking them in water. When drying, remove them from the rack and dry them separately.